Abdominoplasty for me?

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Abdominoplasty for me

One of the most popular aesthetic surgery interventions, for both man and woman, is abdominoplasty, also: “surgery of the abdominal wall”. This intervention is performed to improve the appearance of the torso, when flaccid and stretched skin accumulates in the belly area. Although it is not intended for weight loss, it does contribute to improving both the physical appearance and self-esteem of the patients who undergo it. We’ll treat how an abdominoplasty is performed and who can undergo it. Is it that complicated?

Am I a candidate for abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty, also known as abdominal reduction, or commonly called “a tummy tuck” (TT) is aimed at people who have sagging and stretched-out skin in their belly area, a very common condition in people who have suffered a great weight loss – or have gained weight very fastly – causing their skin to stretch, not being able to return to its natural form without a surgical intervention.

Am I a candidate for abdominoplasty?

Another common condition where an abdominoplasty is highly required, is the case of women who have gained too much weight being pregnant, suffering considerable variations in weight. During pregnancy, the abdominal skin is stretched to house the fetus, so after giving birth and returning to normal weight, the new mother will experience a great distension of the skin in this area.

You must be clear that a tummy tuck is never ever performed as an alternative to rapid weight loss; be very aware this is a major surgical procedure, not a “way to lose fat fast”; it is not a liposuction, although sometimes these two surgery procedures can be combined to “perfect the effect”.

How is an abdominoplasty performed?

There are three methods, each directly related to the needs and actual condition of the patient, previously evaluated by the medical team to advise on the right option for your case, specifically; these are: Traditional Tummy Tuck, Mini-tummy Tuck and Endoscopic Tummy Tuck

How is an abdominoplasty performed

The traditional tummy tuck is always performed under general anesthesia: it requires a 1 to 3 days hospitalization, and usually lasts between 2 – 6 hours, always depending on each patient’s case. This procedure is performed by the surgeon making an incision above the pubic area through which he, then, proceeds to extract the fatty tissue and loose skin to get a much firmer and flatter abdomen; fatty tissue and loose skin can also be extracted from the sides of the abdomen. If only the area below the navel is going to be treated, a mini-abdominoplasty will be indicated, which is a much simpler intervention than total abdominoplasty, and takes less time to be done.

And the endoscopic tummy tuck? Non-complicated at all! This is a simple intervention with very small incisions. The doctor introduces, through tiny cuts in the zone, the endoscopes: small cameras that guide the surgeon during the intervention to clearly see, on a monitor, the working area; next, by means of other small incisions, fine tools are introduced, with which the left over fat and skin are eliminated from the area.

What about the After-Surgery Phase?

After an abdominoplasty intervention, the patient must stay in the health facility under clinical observation, for as long as the doctor deems necessary. As in any surgical operation, it is normal to feel pain in the hours or days after, but the doctor will prescribe good analgesics for you.

What about the After-Surgery Phase?

For better results after an abdominoplasty, it is very advisable to wear a belt, or an elastic device, around the abdomen, during the first two or three weeks after surgery.

No exercises at all in the next 4 – 6 weeks! Return to normal lifestyle can take two or four weeks, and also avoid sun exposure for your skin will be very sensitive in this zone.

Conclusion:  Now you know how abdominoplasty surgeries are performed nowadays, they can actually do great things for you if done properly, so please strictly follow your practitioner’s advises, and I wish the best healthy vibes to you!

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