What are the health tips for Abdominoplasty patients?

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health tips for abdominoplasty patients

Health tips for Abdominoplasty patients? When undergoing the tummy tuck surgery, you will be suffering from a lot of pain, swelling and bleeding as well. In order to avoid the worst circumstances, you need to apply the healthy tips. It is necessary for the patients to stick to the advices of the doctor.

During abdominoplasty it is common for a patient to go through pain, bruising, swelling bleeding and infections. Here are few health tips for abdominoplasty patients.

health tips for abdominoplasty patients

Avoiding constipation

The doctors would give you a stool softener in anticipation of constipation after surgery. Hence always avoid foods that would cause you constipation as this adds up to the pain after surgery. Laxatives are considered to be very helpful.

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Some healthy tips you should conceive

If you happen to be a smoker, it is essential that you should quit smoking before and after the surgery. As nicotine causes the little blood vessels to constrict it very important for the patient to stop smoking before and after the surgery

Wear soft and comfortable cotton clothes just after the surgery as tight clothing could irritate your incision. Drink plenty of water or fruit juice at least eight to 16 cups a day. This will keep you well hydrated. Also increase you intake of foods rich in vitamin c, fresh vegetables and fruits.

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