Information on a couple of Abdominoplasty Procedures

Information on a couple of Abdominoplasty Procedures. Abdominoplasty, another name for which is “tummy tuck,” is basically a cosmetic procedure performed for making the abdomen tighter. The procedure entails the removal of surplus skin as well as fat in the stomach for making the abdominal muscles tighter and realizing a smaller, tauter waistline.

Information on a couple of Abdominoplasty Procedures

Abdominoplasty procedure is usually executed on patients having added tissue about the belly on account of pregnancy /major loss of weight.

There’re several classes of abdominoplasty procedure.

Information on a couple of Abdominoplasty Procedures

Complete abdominoplasty

This is able to take anywhere between 1 and 5 hours. Foremost, an opening is done from hipbone till hipbone just over the public area of the patient. The practitioner then detaches the naval from adjacent skin, and the surplus skin is separated. This makes the abdominal muscle wall exposed, which is made tighter by the use of sutures. Subsequently, the practitioner places the patient’s belly button, and sews it up it in position. The procedure for abdominoplasty is generally terminated with liposuction for refining the abdomen region.

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Partial abdominoplasty                                                                                  

This generally takes approximately between 1 and 2 hours. An incision that is smaller is done compared to the one for complete tummy tuck, and the fat & skin are done away with. The doctor’s then goes to extend the skin downward for making the abdomen tighter. As in complete tummy tuck, this procedure is also terminated with liposuction.

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