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Male Abdominoplasty, Male Tummy Tuck

Normally, when someone mentions that a friend of theirs is about to attend an abdominoplasty New Jersey consultation, most people automatically conjure up an image of a woman going into a surgeon’s office for one of numerous reasons. Maybe the woman wants to ride herself of excess skin because of a previous pregnancy or two. Or maybe, a woman simply wishes to rid herself of some vanity pounds in an attempt to regain her youthful figure. Or maybe, a woman simply wants to have the washboard abs look that she one had. However, as accurate as these visions may have been in the past, in today’s age, that image of a woman going in for a consultation could be of a man who is pursuing his options in male abdominoplasty.

More and more men are deciding to have a male tummy tuck. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 5600 men underwent a male tummy tuck in 2007 alone. While this number may not seem significant, it is important to note that these numbers are likely to increase as male cosmetic surgery becomes more acceptable in today’s society. In addition to male plastic surgery become more acceptable, one could go as far as saying society actually encourages male cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, if you don’t fit the pattern of being physically fit and looking youthful (read between the lines: you need to be thin), you stand a good chance of being ostracized in several arenas. These arenas could be social (who wants to be seen with the fat guy), professional (it seems that the most attractive people are the ones who get the promotions), or even mental (when you feel and look good your self confidence and self esteem rises).

Obviously, men don’t have a tummy tuck male due to the traditional reason of trying to regain their figure after a pregnancy. Instead, men require a male tummy tuck for one of two primary reasons.

Male Abdominoplasty, Male Tummy Tuck
Male Abdominoplasty, Male Tummy Tuck

The main reason is due to having lost an enormous amount of weight. In this case, the excess skin (and oftentimes, fat deposits), can not be eliminated via proper nutrition nor a reasonable exercise regimen.
Attempts to remove this excess skin and fat deposits will only result in mounting frustration. In these cases, the only practical measure is to have a male abdominoplasty.

The second reason men choose to have a tummy tuck male is due to aging. As much as we try to fight it, Father Time always catches up to us. As much as this makes sense, many men will try to fight the good fight by going on restrictive diets and partaking in an extreme exercise routine. Unfortunately, as most of us find out, the only practical solution to regain our youthful six packs is to undergo a male tummy tuck NJ, along with some liposuction. By undergoing these two plastic surgery procedures, it is possible to regain some of your youth back.As a result, more and more men are choosing to have a male abdominoplasty in an attempt to eliminate their unsightly abdominal bulges.

Similar to when a woman undergo a tummy tuck, a male tummy tuck patient will have several issues to contend with.

One of the first questions a man may ask is “How much does a male tummy tuck cost?” Unfortunately, there is not hard and fast answer to this question. For a definitive answer, the man must contact a male tummy tuck surgeon to find out. However, for background information, there are numerous factors which play a role in the final tummy tuck cost. The most obvious is the surgeon’s fee, which will vary based on geographical location, skill, and experience. Besides the surgeon’s fee, there are also fees for the anesthesiologist, pain medications, operating facility, and miscellaneous laboratory tests. Therefore, without a visit to the male tummy tuck doctor, it is impossible to provide a definitive answer to the question of how much does a male abdominoplasty cost.

Male Abdominoplasty, Male Tummy Tuck
Male Abdominoplasty, Male Tummy Tuck

While on the subject of money, it is good to know there are numerous sources of tummy tuck financing available.Obviously, the abdominoplasty surgeon will take the traditional forms of payment (credit cards, cash, and checks).Many tummy tuck surgeons will also offer their patients the ability to take out an installment loan or will refer them to a finance company that specializes in cosmetic surgery financing. Amazingly enough, there are even credit card companies that specialized in cosmetic surgery financing.

Another item that a man should consider is if they are a good tummy tuck male candidate. A good male tummy tuck candidate should be in good health and physically fit, doesn’t smoke (as smoking inhibits your healing ability), and under the age of forty years old. Before someone complains that we are being ageist, there is a physiological reason for stating the ideal candidate should be under forty years old. Once a man reaches the ripe old age of forty years old, his skin begins to lose its elasticity. Hence, if he was to have a male liposuction, it is very possible to end up with a lumpy liposuction. Another factor in determining if a man is a good candidate is whether or not he is close to his ideal weight. A tummy tuck should not be thought of as a weight loss solution; it should only be used to remove hard to eliminate fat deposits that can not be removed via proper nutrition and reasonable exercise. If a person chooses to use this procedure as a weight loss technique, the end result will be that he will simply gain the weight back since no change to his nutrition or exercise regimen has been made. For changes to be lasting, the tummy tuck candidate must change his exercise and nutrition habits.

Depending on a man’s situation, he will have to determine what type of tummy tuck he needs to get. There are three main types of abdominoplasty. The most common male abdominoplasty is the traditional tummy tuck, where the abdominal walls are tightened and the excess skin is removed. During this procedure, the belly button is detached and reattached so it can be positioned correctly. This procedure will normally take between two to five hours. The second type is the mini tummy tuck, which is sometimes called a “scarless” tummy tuck. During this procedure, only the area below the belly button is operated on. In this type of cosmetic surgery procedure, the belly button remains intact. The term ‘scarless” comes from the fact that the incision is hidden in the man’s bikini line. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a truly scarless male tummy tuck. The last type of abdominoplasty is the extended tummy tuck, where along with the patient’s abdomen area, part of the patient’s lower back is also operated on.

Male Abdominoplasty, Male Tummy Tuck
Male Abdominoplasty, Male Tummy Tuck

Yet, another issue is the actual tummy tuck recovery. After a man undergoes his tummy tuck, he will most likely be nauseous and groggy, so he will have to plan out his dietary requirements carefully. While this may not seem like a big issue, male abdominoplasty patients have actually ripped their stitches by vomiting violently. As a side note, this nauseous and grogginess isn’t particular to male tummy tuck patients, and person who has undergone a medical procedure (whether for cosmetic or medical reasons) has the same possibility of vomiting.

Besides these symptoms, the male tummy tuck patient will also notice bruising, swelling, and discomfort after the procedure. These issues will subside with time. In the case of discomfort, your abdominoplasty surgeon should prescribe some pain medications to alleviate the physical discomfort. In addition to these minor symptoms, there are other complications that you and your surgeon need to watch for. The most significant issues to look out for are breathing difficulties and signs of infection. If you see these indications, you need to contact your doctor immediately.

Male Abdominoplasty, Male Tummy Tuck
Male Abdominoplasty, Male Tummy Tuck

Furthermore, your tummy tuck doctor should also schedule some follow up appointments. It is crucial that you do not skip these appointments, as these are the vehicle that your doctor will use to monitor your healing while also looking out for complications. These appointments are designed to keep minor issues from flaring into major issues.

Another portion of the male tummy tuck recovery is that the men will have to wear a compression garment. Now, not to stereotype men, but sometimes men may choose to pursue the cheapest route. It is not advisable to but non-medical grade quality compression garments in an attempt to save a few dollars. These garments are designed to be comfortable, while providing the needed support to your incision areas. While the prices of these garments may not seem worth it initially, the garments will save you a lot of time and suffering in the long run, plus they will aid in providing the best aesthetic outcome. Also as a side note, the longer and more difficult your tummy tuck recovery, the more likely your incision scars will remain noticeable. Even if your abdominoplasty recovery goes smooth, you will still have noticeable scars, although they should fade to a certain degree after nine months.

Now that we have gone over the basics of a male tummy tuck, it is important to discuss how to find a good tummy tuck surgeon. First of all, for a man considering a male tummy tuck, he should review the tummy tuck pictures of numerous abdominoplasty physicians in order to find one that will fit his needs. Fortunately, this is extremely easy to do since most surgeons post pictures of their previous male abdominoplasty patients (they will ask your permission before doing so, and by granting permission, you may actually be able to save some money on your surgery) on their websites. Once you review a few websites, it will become quickly evident which tummy tuck surgeons are skilled and experienced and which ones are not. Once you have identified two or three doctors that you are comfortable with, it is important for you to schedule a consultation with them. This consultation is your chance to interview the surgeon. The most important thing at this stage is to listen to the surgeon. What types of things is he or she stressing? Does he or she mention the measures they take to mitigate the possibility of complications? Does the doctor seem very aggressive, recommending a heavy dose of male liposuction, when you feel you don’t need it? Does the doctor seem like he or she is trying to run up the bill by recommending additional surgical procedures, when you never indicated you had any desire? Obviously, the theme you want to hear over and over again is that precautions are put in place to reduce the possibility of post operative complications. If you are not hearing this as a recurring theme, you should look elsewhere for a new tummy tuck doctor.

The key thing to consider after the consultation is how comfortable are you with the abdominoplasty surgeon.Usually, if you are like most people, your intuition will not lead you astray. If you feel comfortable with the surgeon and his or her fee structure is acceptable, than you have found the right surgeon for you.

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, it is important for you to contact a male tummy tuck surgeon to gain further insight, as they are best situated to advise you.

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