The Abdominoplasty Scar is inevitable following Surgery

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The Abdominoplasty Scar is inevitable following Surgery

The Abdominoplasty Scar is inevitable following Surgery. Patients who undergo abdominoplasty must face scars. Abdominoplasty is also referred to as TT, an abbreviation of tummy tuck surgical procedure. The key purpose of abdominoplasty surgical procedure is the elimination of the surplus quantity of abdominal skin & fat, which is the result of the body state like pregnancy, obesity, and age.


The Abdominoplasty Scar is inevitable following Surgery

An abdominoplasty scar that emerges following tummy tuck surgical procedure is extended in dimension and fierce to look at. Various aspects behind the length and dimension of the tummy tuck scar. Such factors happen to be the surplus skin that’s been done away with by the use of abdominoplasty modus operandi, patient’s body stamina to recuperate, surgery expertise and form of tummy tuck modus operandi. Factors such as scar position, closure form and distress are also reasons behind such a scar.

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In Abdominoplasty operation the incisions made lead to the various forms of scars on a human body. Consequently, in the greater number of instances, the scars and abdominoplasty goes hand in hand. Some forms of abdominoplasty are the cause of everlasting scars on a human body. Nevertheless, by the taking of a number of precautionary measures and surgeon direction, a patient is capable of getting rid of such scars.

 Tummy Tuck with NO SCAR! Is it possible?

In short, the answer is no, there’s no way to have a tummy tuck without a scar.

That’s assuming that you need excess skin removed, along with other aspects of the procedure (muscle tightening in most cases and possibly some light liposuction). When you remove skin, a scar is inevitable.

Since you’re interested in the procedure, I’d suggest you arrange at least one consultation with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon who performs many tummy tucks each year. Voice your concerns about scarring, listen to the ways he or she can help minimize the impact of the incision, then make your decision. In my experience, patients who indeed benefit from a tummy tuck are almost universally happy they traded their abdominal problems for a scar.


Elliot Jacobs, M.D.
New York Plastic Surgeon

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