Tummy tucks surgery recovery tips

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Tummy tucks surgery recovery tips

Tummy tucks surgery recovery tips. Tummy tuck is an excellent surgery to eliminate the belly fat. But the recovery process is similar to any other surgery. Make sure that there is no infection. Follow the instructions as suggested by the doctor.

A tummy tuck surgery can take up several weeks to recover. The article highlights on the few tips on tummy tuck surgery that would come in handy.

Tummy tucks surgery recovery tips

Reduce the swelling at the earliest

The sooner you can reduce swelling after surgery the better will be the results. To reduce swelling, drink plenty of water. Stay away from food that is high in sodium and salt. Wear girdle or wide binder as suggested by the doctor. Do not involve yourself in strenuous activities and work out as this might injure the surgery. Walk around, as this would prevent blood clots.

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Avoid infections

Infections generally occur due improper care of the patient during recovery. Hence keep a track of your temperature an infection has warning signs such as fever, perspiration and chills. Do not ignore these signs and consult the surgeon immediately. Change the dressings over your abdominoplasty incision and keep it clean always. Do not take bath as this increase the chance of infection. Go for sponge baths and avoid swimming.

Tummy tucks surgery recovery tips

Question : What is tummy tuck recovery generally like? If I get it done, what can I expect post-op care, checkups, pain? How long does complete recovery from a tummy tuck take? ” Tummy tucks surgery recovery tips ”

There has been a break through in the technology of post op pain relief for tummy tucks.  A new medication is now being used that will provide for 3-4 days of post op pain relief, speeding up the recovery process!  It is called Exparel.

A tummy tuck which is also referred to as an abdominoplasty is a procedure to enhance the appearance of the abdomen.  It consists of 3 basic steps:

  1. Skin removal and tightening
  2. Subcutaneous fat removal
  3. Muscle tightening

The recovery is very similar to a C-Section or Hysterectomy recovery.  The first week lifting is limited to 15 lbs maximum and the patients usually walk slowly and bend over.  The second week the weight limitation is increased to 30 pounds and more normal walking.  After the second week many patients return to work if it is more sedentary, active work jobs and heavy lifting, pulling or straining are still difficult for another 2 weeks.  Most women need help with small children for the first week.

Vigorous physical activity and contact sports are limited for 4-6 weeks.  Everyone’s recovery is different, and everyone’s tummy tuck is different, the recovery time will vary from individual to individual.

This is a wonderful operation that will make the tummy flat FOREVER, WITHOUT SIT-UPS!!  But, you have to be willing to trade the appearance for the scar, which is long, but well placed, and hidden in all clothing and bathing suits.

Please consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in body contouring procedures to assure the best possible result.


David Finkle, MD 
Omaha Plastic Surgeon


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  1. My mother has been thinking about getting a tummy tuck. I liked that you pointed out that she will need to drink a lot of water after the surgery. It is good to know that doing so will help reduce swelling.

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